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08.07 10.30 am Magdalena Zamorska “It’s so hard to be (with) a plant” – performative lecture

performative lecture

08.07 10.30 am Magdalena Zamorska 'It's so hard to be (with) a plant '

Plants and people co-evolve, they share a breath… Plants living in environment heavily reshaped by people are referred to as synanthropic (greek syn-together, anthropos-human).
How to call people living in such then? Synphytoical (greek phyto-plant). Beings that plant – not to say populate – the world do not belong to neither pure nature nor anthropological landscapes. I would like us to explore together meanings of those and some other problematic words and ideas, commonly used yet not so obvious as you might think. We  will discuss ethics of the relations between humans and plants in the context of such notions as industrialised agriculture, seed banks, landscape design or biorobotics. We will fantasise how we can look after vegetative world and think what kind of knowledge and sensitivity are necessary to achieve that.