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08.07 11.40 pm Joanna Stachowiak “Release” – performance


08.07 11.40 pm Joanna Stachowiak 'Release'

The release illustrates my personal rituals and search for conversations with nature, which constantly brings me solace and delight. I would like, staying with the artifacts of nature, to create natural incense, or garlands of dried plants – herbs and flowers, braided in the shape of letters forming the inscriptions: do not trust, do not love, cannot. I will attempt to release these harmful beliefs along with the smoke, burning each “no”. Each of the words will be composed of appropriately selected plants that correspond with their energy to these three spaces of life, because each plant has its own special properties, its own “spirit”, which, if we are willing to accept them, brings various blessings. Confidence will be braided with soothing flowers of chamomile, mint, lavender, hops, lemon balm. Vitality-filled pine shoots, elderflowers, basil, cinnamon and even amber will add strength. “I love” as a dried garland of lovage, rose, jasmine, thyme, among others. Using nature, we will perform a simple ritual in which we will release limitations with fragrant smoke and free ourselves to love, to feel our abilities, to use our potential, to trust our life, the world and even death. The latter, trust, is particularly close to my heart because the last years of my life have reminded me to choose trust in everything that happens – which allows me to release fear with relief. The word “I trust” even acts like a spell that loosens, softening the ossified constructs of growing fears and anxieties. With fragrant wishes for love, trust and self-empowerment – J.