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08.07 12.30 pm Krzysztof Maniak: “Undermining”, “Sculpture for insects” – video + instructions

video + instructions

08.07 12.30 pm Krzysztof Maniak: 'Undermining', 'Sculpture for insects'

“Sculpture for insects” frame from the film

“Sculpture for Insects” is a destruct, as well as the result of interspecies cooperation. The object was exhibited in the garden in the summer of 2019, serving as a feeder and shelter for insects. It consists of both organic prefabricated products, such as huba, honey or hornets’ nests, and products created from the exploitation of natural resources, such as sugar or chocolate. What and for whom will we want to save as we witness the Sixth Extinction on our planet? Will the things we call art today find any new function in the new era, after the Anthropocene? (Sebastian Cichocki).

“Undermining” frame from the film