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10.07 8.30 am Peter Alexander Grodzki “The tender gardener” – performance


10.07 8.30 am Peter Alexander Grodzki 'The tender gardener'

2022 The Eye Never Sleeps – FOURTH NATURE


And feeling this state very clearly, I nevertheless relate to her as to a second person, not the one contained in me, lec zw strong tangential course to beauty, of which I myself am an absolute seeker.

Being aware of this, I indulge in states of coquetry, adoration towards her, creating these relationships by movement, form or color. I feel obliged to her, obliged to feel natural AND immediate- to be attentive, tender, delicate, careful! I simply love the sound of winds, the splash of water, the smell of conifers or grasses. Therefore, I will be a tender gardener. And dancing with a watering can in hand, will water the meadows, lurking for a relationship with “her” intimate-I will experience reconciliation.

I will ring the pots, which, being usually in the convention of a container full of plants or flowers, will become bells of “memento mori or tezmentote hominem esse.”

People will flow, my sentient recipients, moved by the rhythm of waves and winds, will draw what is in nature so far undesigned. At the end, I will set up ladders with a sub-tree, as if the chances of return, showing the way of escape, retreat. He wants to take up the discussion! And I will get along with nature, arrange, directly fraternize, contemplating in loving exultation.